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Robert now has a blog!

Robert has a blog! you can view the blog by going to http://www.wwrites.com/ it's making quite a bit of noise!


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Hi all, and welcome to the 4 Yo Information podcast web site. If you have never ever heard of us, we are one of a kind. This site is all about the podcast and some other stuff as well, it is not meant for news, uploading stuff, or sharing stuff. This site is mainly about the cast, but it has other features as well. Here you can listen to music, play games, read about the members, listen to the episodes online, chat in the forum, and much more! This site will also point you to other things that may be of interest. So, have a look around, subscribe to the cast or the site if you wish, and have   a good stay!

where did the shout box go, it's not here!

Are you looking for the shout box? Well guess what, it's not on this page! Obviously since you are looking at this message, since you spammers just can't seem to keep your paws off of our stuff we have now restricted the shout box to members only. It can now be found at the shout box page. You must be a member to access it though, but you can thank spammers for that one!